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Pressure Washing Company in Washougal, Wa

Pressure Washing in Washougal, Wa

One of the worst things about DIY pressure washing in Washougal, WA is the time commitment. How long do you think it takes for a beginner to pressure wash their property’s surfaces? Sometimes, it can take hours on end, if not an entire day. Learning how to use pressure washing equipment can make this process even longer. That’s what makes Cascade Softwash so convenient. Instead of having to sacrifice all your free time for a DIY pressure washing project, you can just let our pros do all the work for you. They already know how to use pressure washing equipment, and since our team is so big, they can finish the job much faster than you could have on your own. That way, you can take a seat and enjoy some time to yourself while our experts do the work. Getting clean surfaces has never been easier!

The pressure washing equipment we use includes pumps, hoses, hose tips, and surface cleaners. What we’ll use during your appointment depends on the job. Are you having us clean your property’s exterior walls? Our hoses will be the way to go. Want us to wash a concrete driveway? If so, we’ll opt for our surface cleaners instead. Either way, your appointment will end the same way—with pristine surfaces around your property. Now there’s something worth smiling about! To get started with our pressure washing pros, contact us online. We want to hear more about you and your project.

Pressure Washing in Washougal, Wa
House Washing in Washougal, Wa

House Washing in Washougal, Wa

When you aren’t feeling so good about your residential property’s appearance, you may want to consider our house washing in Washougal, WA. That way, you can turn this problem into our next task. We’ll be sure to turn that into a speedy-quick solution to all your worries! During a house washing job, our team will target the outside walls of your home, making sure they become as clean as possible. This process usually entails the total elimination of dirt and organic matter. Here in Washington State, it’s not unusual to find moss and mold growing around our house’s walls. Don’t worry, though, as we can kill these growths with a chemical pre-treatment. That way, once we spray them away, they’ll be gone for good.

A typical house wash only takes us two to three hours to complete, which is lightning-fast! Best of all, if you have other things to attend to during your appointment, you’re free to handle them. You’re not forced to stick around while we’re working. In fact, we encourage you to leave the property and run whatever errands you’ve got on your day planner. If we complete our work while you’re still out, we’ll just give you a call and let you know that we’re done. Pretty convenient, no?

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Roof Cleaning in Washougal, Wa

Many people count on us for roof cleaning in Washougal, WA, and there is a very good reason for that. To put things simply, our neighbors just don’t want to do this work on their own. And can you blame them for that? Climbing up to your property’s rooftop and washing its entire surface probably isn’t your idea of a fun day off. By letting us do the work for you, you’ll unshackle yourself from the responsibility of DIY work and get to enjoy some rest and relaxation instead. In the meantime, our team will be treating your roof with the TLC it deserves. We use a soft washing method to make sure your roof can be as clean as possible without becoming damaged in the process. No mold. No moss. Just shiny-clean shingles that pop!

We are available for roof cleaning services—and other services—Monday through Friday. Our hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, so we invite you to call us during that timeframe so we can discuss your project next. Simply dial (360) 518-5080 to get started. You’ll soon connect with one of our friendly team members, and they will be excited to get to know more about your needs! We’ll even provide you with a free cost estimate during our conversation. That way, you’ll have a good understanding of our prices well before we even make it there for your appointment.

Roof Cleaning in Washougal, Wa
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