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Window Cleaning Services In Vancouver

Window Cleaning Company in Vancouver, WA

Window Cleaning Services in Vancouver, WA

When your windows have been “foggy” from years’ worth of dirt and debris, professional window cleaning services can make all the difference. However, it’s not always obvious which business is the best choice for the job. Looking for a locally owned company that can serve you right? If so, you need to get in touch with Cascade Softwash! We have proudly served the Vancouver area for a long time, and we would love to be at your service next. So, how many windows would you like us to wash for you? Whether you’ve got a one-story house in need of our attention or an entire office complex, we’re ready to make that glass sparkle for a fair price with no hidden fees attached. Expect us to make it there right on time with everything we need for the job. From there, you can just show us the windows that need to be washed, and we’ll leap straight into window-cleaning action!

Please note that professional window washing results in cleaner windows than normally possible. That’s because we use a reverse osmosis filtration system to produce the purest water we can. This filtered water won’t leave residue behind on windows, meaning we wash away grime without leaving any new messes behind. Take a look at the windows once we’ve finished our work, and you’ll see for yourself—we make windows look immaculate!

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Water Fed Pole

We make use of water fed poles to wash windows. But what is a water fed pole? Imagine a long, rod-like brush with tubes that feed water all the way up. This allows us to almost effortlessly wash and scrub windows, including those that would normally be beyond our reach.
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Two-Story Window Cleaning

Two-story window cleaning may be a tough job for the everyman, but for our team of professionals, it’s no problem at all. Our water fed poles can reach high up, and if they’re not tall enough for the job, we can also bust out our ladders. Whatever it takes to make those second-story windows clean!
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Exterior Window Cleaning

Outside-facing windows collect dirt and debris, which is what makes our exterior window cleaning services so important. Don’t worry, as we’ll be able to wash away all this grime in no time at all. In fact, a typical window washing project only takes us one to two hours.
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Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Our window cleaning services are helpful for homeowners, sure. Everyone wants a house with sparkling clean windows, after all. However, we also provide this service to business owners who are exhausted with dirty glass panes throughout their property. Think about it like this. Would your customers rather browse a store or dine in at a restaurant with smudged windows, or ones that have been recently cleaned? The long story short is that our window cleaning is the key to drawing in more customers, especially when paired with our other commercial pressure washing services. Check them out now to see what we can do for your place of business!

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Window Cleaning FAQs

We don’t pressure wash windows, per se, as water that strong would cause windows to crack, if not break entirely. Our water fed poles use a gentle spray of filtered water, proving forceful enough to wash away dirt and debris without causing any damage along the way.

As many as you need us to! Whether you need us to wash six, twelve, or a hundred, we’ll do what it takes to get the job done. Just know that we can’t really wash windows on high rises or any other dangerously tall buildings.

We recommend that you schedule our window washing services twice annually. Why not mark two days on your calendar that are on opposite ends of the year and commit to having us swing by every time those two days roll around? That way, your windows can stay clean all year round.

We don’t need you to stick around while we’re washing windows if you don’t want to stay. Got better uses of the time? If so, we encourage you to pursue them. We’ll be perfectly fine in the meantime, making your windows as clean as can be. Once we’ve finished our work, we’ll give you a phone call.

The total cost of a window washing job depends on how many windows you’d like us to wash. So, if you would like a free cost estimate, get in touch with us and let us know more! Contact us online or call us at (360) 518-5080 to connect with us today.

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